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Congergational Care Committee

The Congregational Care Committee is responsible for the following items:

  •        Hire nursery attendant each year, find substitute when attendant is    absent.
  •        Present active member first time Brides/Grooms or Parents (Babies) with a $50 gift card or cash with a card.
  •        Coordinate Dinners/Food for funerals and other social events.
  •        Tend to any special needs of members (meals, rides, etc.)
  •        Keep supply inventory and re-stock supplies for kitchen and bathrooms.
  •        Purchase Bibles for High School Graduates.
  •        Keep Confessions of Faith as needed for new members.
  •        Coordinate order requests and checks from members for ordering the Cumberland Presbyterian Newspaper.
  •        Send Bulletins for absentees and Shut-ins.
  •        Arranging committee sign-up sheets and kitchen crew Sunday by Sunday.
  •        Maintain active and inactive membership lists.
  •        Update member information for member directories.
  • ·       Create and monitor the Congregational Care Committee budget